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Volonte is a training app for experiencing lucid dreaming.

Apple Watch image running the lucid dream training app Volonte
Lucid dreaming is a dream that you experience while being aware that you are dreaming. We experience lucid dreaming, which rarely happens. Because you can't realize that you are dreaming in a dream.
Why don't you realize that it's a dream in your dreams? During sleep, the manifest consciousness that controls consciousness is also asleep, so it is not possible to think and act consciously in a dream. Many dreams are unconsciously embodied, such as beliefs, habits, and habits.
In order to carry out the awakening intention in a dream, it is necessary that the intention is habituated. The intention of having a lucid dream, Be aware that you are in a dream while you sleep. So, one of the habits you need is "Am I dreaming now? And ask yourself. This is called a "Reality check". By repeatedly performing "Reality check" in your daily life, you will be able to ask questions unconsciously even in your dreams, at that time, you will realize that it is a dream.
Volonte is an app for making "Reality check" a habit.
Using the Apple Watch's vibration feature,
it prompts a "Reality check" by creating your own rhythmic vibration pattern
and notifying you of this repeatedly at minute intervals.
By repeating "Reality check" in your busy life, you will increase the frequency of experiencing "Lucid dreaming".
Apple Watch dedicated app
WatchOS 7.0 over
Lucid dream training app Volonte's icon

An icon with the desire to fly freely in a dream

Volonte features

  • The vibrations and notification that prompt the "reality check" are repeated at arbitrarily set intervals.
  • You can create your own original vibration patterns, for 5 seconds.

How to use Volonte

  • Lucid dream training app Volonte Main Screen

    Main screen

  • Start Volonte

    Set the interval for executing "Reality Check" in "Notification Interval". The unit is minutes, and tap START.

  • Lucid dream training app Volonte Settings Menu

    Settings menu

  • How to display the setting menu

    To change or create a vibration pattern, swipe left on the Main screen to display the "Settings Menu".

  • Haptac Select Screen

    Select haptic pattern

  • Haptac Select

    1. Select "Hapitac Select" from the "Settings menu".
    2. Tap any pattern to select the hapitac pattern.
    3. If you want to delete it, swipe left to display the delete icon. Select it.
  • Create the haptic pattern

    Create haptic pattern

  • How to create an original haptic pattern

    1. Select "Haptic Create" from the "Settings Menu".
    2. Tap "Tap Here" displayed on the screen to create a haptic pattern. The time limit is 5 seconds and Up to 10 taps.
  • Save the haptic pattern

    Save haptic pattern

    1. Tap the white ● part to play the created pattern.
    2. Tap "Save" to save and "Cancel" to start over.
  • Set the strength of vibration


  • Change the prominent of haptic

    1. Select "Prominent" from the "Settings menu"
    2. When "Pominent Hapitac" is tuned on, vibrations with short intervals will not be reproduced correctly. An interval of 0.9 seconds or more is required.

      Strong vibrations cannot be repeated in short intervals because aftershocks are long.

    3. "Pominent Hapitac" is tuned off. The vibrations are weak, please adjust the band so that the Apple watch is snug against your wrist.
  • Notification prompting reality check

    Apple Watch Notification

  • Notification

    When the time set in "Notification Interval" elapses, a notification will be displayed with vibration.
    Let's do a "reality check". It is important to actually act.

  • Lucid dream training app Volonte's complication

    X-Large complication

  • Complication

    Volonte has 11 types of complications.

One point advice

To realize a dream in a dream, you need to create a special moment that makes you think "Oh !!".
The way to do this is to do actions that inevitably result in events that occur in the real world, combined with "simple questions".
Specifically, when you feel vibrations from Volonte, ask yourself, "Are you dreaming now?" And put the index fingers of both hands together. If you are in a dream, you may pass it with your finger.
Try your own method, such as spinning the totem by imitating the movie "Inception".

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Last revised 1 December 2020